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Dental Implants, Brooklyn NY

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At Arden Dental Service, P.C. we are experienced in all kind of dental implants and have over 30 years’ experience in periodontal and implant specialty practice. Over the last 15+ years, our doctors have performed thousands of procedures with very predictable and successful outcomes using several different materials and methods for dental implants.  If you pretty much would love to feel and radiate as a younger looking person, speak better and also enjoy a vast range of foods without limitations, then our special dental implants done by expert dentists at Arden Dental Services P.C is the ideal choice for you.
Simple – a dental implant which is actually an artificial tooth root is typically a custom-designed piece of bio-compatible metal that is surgically fitted under the gums to fuse with the jawbones. It is basically a dental process with focus to replacing any missing tooth in the mouth. Your real set of teeth comprises the crown and the root sections. The visible sections are the crown parts which are covered with white enamel. And then – assisting the crown is the tooth root which encompasses the jawbone. It is the root part of the tooth that is meritoriously replaced by a dental implant procedure.

There are 3 essential parts associated with dental implant and these are:

The implant device itself that is normally fitted directly into the bone, the abutment which is the piece that links the implant device to the third part known as the covering crown or denture.

The current day implants are principally made of titanium which is a metal that is bio-compatible and delivers forte and durability as well as distinct property for fitting directly to the bone. As a leading dental implant clinic in Brooklyn, NY  we provide patients the best of implant solutions with the best of products and at very affordable pricing for all

Our dental implant procedures are painless and done professionally and quickly – and are personalized to bring out the beautiful smiles you have that the world is waiting to capture and admire! Our Dental Implant Procedure is carried out within our Brooklyn Dental Clinic at Arden Dental Services P.C and we provide the best anesthesia or other forms of patient sedation to deliver flawless painless session. Every dental implant surgical procedure is unique and depends on the clinical scenario as much as the preferences of the patient and dentist involved.  With us, you get the right implant that is similar to natural teeth, fitted without altering close-by teeth, bringing out the beauty in you and preventing sunken facial look caused by tooth loss.


Every case for new implant  is unique, like unique your gums are. That is why it is difficult to calculate the exact price for the whole treatment as we need to examine your mouth first. If you are looking to get quality dental implants in Brooklyn NY , call Dr. Arkady Pavlov at Arden Dental Services, P.C. We will take care of your dental implants, and offer you different payment options which fit your budget and income level.

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Dental Implants Brooklyn NY
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